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Xiaomi Deerma Sweeper and Mop

Xiaomi Deerma Sweeper and Mop

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Deerma's mop-sweeping mop realizes easy conversion between sweeper and water-spray mop, making cleaning as easy as walking. Just push the sweeper, collect garbage while sweeping, and disinfect the ground while mopping. Every time you clean, your hands do not need to directly contact the source of pollution, so that could be great hygiene and not dirty.

Product parameters

Name: Deerma Sweeping and Water spray mop

Model: DEM-TB900

Color: white

Dust box capacity: 230ml

Water tank capacity: 280ml

Size: 375 * 172 * 1309mm

Material: ABS / PET / stainless steel


1. The front spiral mechanical roller brush can rotate the roller brush when pushed forward, and sweep the ground dust and garbage into the dust box. The bristles are soft and slender, sweeping into the gaps on the ground to sweep out the dust, clean inside and outside.

2. The Deerma sweep mop integrated mop redesigns the entrance into a 170mm widened structure, enough to cope with various sizes of dust generated in daily life, and accidentally drop snack residues, fruit shells and paper scraps on the ground for easy cleaning.

3. The capacity of the dust box is 230mL, so there is no need to dump it frequently. Leak-proof and sealed design, when the dust is poured, it is opened with a light press, and the hands are not dirty.

4. Built-in booster atomization pump, instantaneous atomization at a pressure of 0.1 second, releasing fine water mist. Moist mopping and mopping dry immediately, no water stains left, a care for wooden floors to prevent mildew.

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