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Xiaomi SMART Electric Kettle

Xiaomi SMART Electric Kettle

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Work usually takes up most of your time; sometimes you don’t even have a minute to stop. Take a few seconds for yourself. Drink a glass of water in the morning, this simple action will help your brain to recover from sleep, to hydrate and launch the whole body work. Furthermore, just one cup of warm water will help you to improve the stomach and intestines functioning and make your metabolism better.

With new Xiaomi MiJia Smart Kettle you can daily heat up a cup of water for yourself to warm the heart, support all body processes, improve blood circulation and minimize any occurring spasms and pain.


Weight 1240g
Capacity 1.5L
Rated frequency 50Hz
Rated voltage 220V
Rated power 1800W
Wireless connection Bluetooth 4.0 BLE
Standards GB4706.1 GB4706.19 Q / YM 008-2016
Color White

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